Over to you…

I can see I’m getting lots and lots of hits and some people are leaving some lovely feedback. I think I’d like to ask: ‘Is there anything YOU want me to write about?’

I’m currently in the throes of marking… more on that another time. I’m quite saddened by what people think of Curley’s Wife. More on that later!

But: is there something on your course you REALLY don’t get? Is there something you’d appreciate some materials on?

Let me know!

You can add a comment on this site and tell me exactly what you want me to write about.




2 thoughts on “Over to you…

  1. Could you please write an essay on “Heroes” by Robert Cormier mainly on Francis, larry lassale and Nicole Renard The novel is quite short and it’s written from Francis’s narration in present returned going back to past memories on a girl called Nicole Renard. I’d like it to focus on what the theme is and how it effects their relationship.

    I have to do a gcse exam on this, and since this is a new book chosen for the exam board Wjec there’s no essays on this book at all on the Internet elsewhere.
    My exams on 24th may. As soon as possible.
    So I’d like some help. Thank you.

    • Sorry, Mel – it’s a little close to the event to be writing essays right now – but I shall get a copy and have a go for next year’s students… Good luck anyhow

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